Calypso Cave / Mark Pezinger Books, Kunsthalle Basel

December 4, 2021, 13:30–14:30

“Kunsthalle Book Day”

Presentation of four releases by Mark Pezinger Books from 2021 in attendance of the authors and artists Boris Rebetez (Photo Collages), Doris Lasch (Hellfeld), Stefan Karrer (Calypso Cave), and Claudia Rohrauer (Photography as Motif) moderated by Astrid Seme (designer and publisher) and Thomas Geiger (co-founder and publisher)

Calypso Cave / Mark Pezinger Books

Mark Pezinger Books is pleased to present four new publications that explore the search for the photographic subject in different ways. In Doris Lasch’s story Hellfeld, a photographer quite literally goes in search of lost negatives. Calypso Cave by Stefan Karrer gathers travel photos from social media platform​ users whose eagerness for the representative vacation photo has led to a tourist comedy of errors. In Photography as Motif by Caroline Heider, Ruth Horak, Lisa Rastl, and Claudia Rohrauer, the act of photographing itself becomes a source for themes (and problems) that can themselves become motifs. And Photo Collages is comprehensively devoted to the group of works of the same name, in which Boris Rebetez​’ collages,​ representations of landscape, and architecture dissect our habits of seeing.
Mark Pezinger Books is a Vienna-based publisher of artists’ books run by Astrid Seme and Thomas Geiger. The publications range from one-offs to larger editions and from sound works to regular books.
You can find more information about the publications here

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